Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY: 4 Station Sink

Photo Submitted by Dustin Beach

Here is an idea for you outdoor group cooks involved in serious Outdoor cooking functions.  This idea is simple and I can think of numerous possibilities.  The faucet is centered on each sink so it can swivel to any of them.  I can also think of a few modifications depending on how you might want to use it.

With Hot water, and one sink used with bleach as a sanitizing station,  I would think you should be able to meet the strictest of Health Department requirements? 

Team it with our "Portable Pressurized Hot Water Heater", (another DIY Blog project), for all the conveniences of home. Portable pressurized Hot and Cold water that runs off propane and a 12V source.  (We use a portable Jumper start unit and it works all weekend to pump our water - Wal-mart even carries a model that also produces inverter 110V AC)

Image Courtesy: Dustin Beach

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