Tuesday, April 1, 2014

JOHN C JOHNSON CO - Cast Iron - Birmingham, Alabama

John C Johnson Co - Birmingham, Alabama  circa 1930-1940?

Patent 91487

Anyone with a photo of a John C Johnson piece of cookware please send them to us to be included on this article.  Even if it is one of your Grandmothers favorite pieces of cookware....send us a photo.  We will credit any photos provided, to you.   We would also like more history on this company, especially concerning the manufacturing of Cast Iron Cookware.

We believe the below image may be the middle section of the Johnson combination cooker.  But no markings were found.  The handles and outer ridge seem to match up.  We are hoping someone eventually can make a positive ID one way or the other.

Images courtesy of Jim Korb of Elliston, Virginia, USA

Images courtesy of Mike & Denise Case - Dahlonega GA.  USA
91487 Lid - Photo courtesy of Velma Kirk


  1. I have the lid for this combo cooker. I would be happy to send photos if you could send me where to email it too. Recently picked it up at a flea market

    1. That would be great! Email to info@toponautic.com

    2. Can you start an information gathering site for Little Known Cast Iron Cookware and start with John C Johnson. We have a little info, like ya'll do and if we have a gathering place some other people should continue to see the site and hopefully contribute. You could put it in forum form, keep it private and have rules like other groups that I have joined. What do you think?

    3. Our intent is to keep our info public and open to all. We gladly accept any info people are willing to share. Info can be emailed to info@toponautic.com Please state we have permission to post your info. We credit info to whom ever sends it so be sure to also state the name you want used, City/State/Country (Name is optional if you don't want it to show).

  2. I have this exact piece. At least the top and smaller pot. Never knew it may have had a larger bottom pot! Handed down from my grandfather, father, and to me. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Obtained an 8" from great grandmother in Floyd ,VA. She died when she was 98 and her mother gave it to her