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Havasu Falls (Grand Canyon area-Arizona) Our #1 Rated North America Backpacking Destination

                                           Havasu Falls

We rate this area as North America's #1 Backpacking destination.

In the heart of the USA Southwestern desert.  You would never know once you hike 9 miles to the village of Supai..  You enter a totally different world transformed by the abundant source of beautiful blue water. Do your research before attempting this trip.  During the summer heat it can be deadly....but very doable.  

We found the location, and people, have a magical feeling that will beckon for you to return over and over.  The past few years I personally have made the trip on 5 different occasions.  Each time I visit, I find something I haven't seen before.

The difficulty is not trying to navigate and find your way.   It would be nearly impossible to not find your destination.  Even without a map.  The difficulty would be being ill prepared to trek in desert heat and terrain.  Once you make it to the area of the waterfalls you have it made.  At least until you have to trek back out....all up hill.

For those that aren't discouraged, be aware you need advanced reservations through the Tribal camping reservation system.  Don't make plans or attempt the trip without them.

There are a number of waterfalls.  From the trail head to the village of Supai, it is a 9 mile hike.  From Supai to the Campground is another 2 miles.  In these 2 miles you will pass several waterfalls, including Havasu Falls.  Just below the Campground you will find Mooney Falls, and the Tunnels, Chains, and ladders to access the area below Mooney.  Not a descent for the faint of heart.

A great day trip from the Campground, downstream below Mooney is Beaver Falls.  Beaver is a large area of cascading falls and pools.  Take your lunch, drinking water, towel, and bathing suit.Give yourself time to descend the ladders at Mooney, and again on the way back to camp later in the day.  Time it right so you aren't coming back up Mooney in the dark.

For more expanded and detailed info please go to the following.  Detailed Havasu Falls backpacking info.

Take only photos, and leave no trace.  

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