Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Head 'em up - Move 'em out!

Yellowstone's Roosevelt's Cowboy Cookout

We were told we were part of the 8 percenters. Only 8% of the annual 2+million visitors to Yellowstone National Park, actually get out of their vehicle and get out into any of the back country.

The 4 mile (round trip) horse drawn wagon ride was fun and relaxing. We had a couple wranglers that entertained us by telling stories about the history of Yellowstone as we traveled to and from dinner. We were transported to a beautiful valley.

There around a campfire, and a canvas roofed pavilion, we chowed down on grilled steaks, potato salad, beans, coleslaw, and apple crisp. Oh don't forget the Cowboy Coffee! Guaranteed to keep you alert on your drive back to your hotel or campground. They said 5 cups would get you back to Louisiana, non stop. LOL  

All you could eat.  The whole time we had someone playing a guitar and singing cowboy songs.  Memories of the old Rawhide show with Clint Eastwood came flooding in when that shows theme song was sung.  A must do if you are visiting Yellowstone and have an afternoon and evening to slow down and really enjoy life.

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