Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Wacky of the Outdoors - From Armadillo to Zion

Enjoying the Outdoors in different ways

Garage Sale find: Armadillo Purse

My idea of enjoying the Outdoors is to strap on a backpack, sling a camera over my shoulder, lace up my boots, then take off on some trail I have never been on.  Among some more favorite treks, I have solo backpacked part of the Pacific Crest Trail, and made numerous backpacking trips into parts of the Grand Canyon area.  I tolerate the bugs, heat, cold, sources of questionable drinking water, a hard lumpy bed, and sand and grit in my food.  The sight and sound of a beautiful waterfall, an elusive animal, or capturing that special one in a hundred photo, is worth it all to me.

My wife on the other hand enjoys camping at the Westin Hotel or some such place. She straps her luggage on, slips on high heels, and can hardly wait to open up the door to the room to see what luxuries await her. I have yet to convince her backpacking a wilderness trail is much more fun.

She does enjoy the outdoors another way though.  If there is an equivalent to a Professional Adventurer/Outdoorsman, she would carry the title of Professional Garage Sale Woman!  Over the years I have seen her bring home the odd and the curious.  She spends many of her off time mornings "treking" from sale to sale.  Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and moving sales.

I find it humorous to compare the tactics of both the Backpacker and the Garage Saler.  Much preparation is required by both.  Oddly it is similar.  Maps are acquired and studied.  Routes are planned.  Timing is a priority. Snacks, food, and water, are prepared for the outing.  One puts the boot to the ground.  The other puts the pedal to the metal!  Just as some hikers want to be first and witness a view as pristine as possible, the Garage Sale professional has the same priority.

What is this all about you ask?  When the wife brought an Armadillo Purse home that is pictured in this article.  It made me realize we aren't that much different.  I have seen wild (alive) Armadillos in Texas.  I never thought she would find one in her garage sale travels!  Geez I hope she doesn't bring home a Grizzly....I saw one of those once in Glacier NP.  :-)

Author: Rick Beach

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