Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RECIPE:DUTCH OVEN BREAKFAST - With or without meat

Our thanks to David Ludewig For submitting both the recipe and recipe photo!

Per David:

Here is another DO creation of mine I call it breakfast with meat and without. Recipe was made and photo taken while at Assateague Island State Park.  Also here is a link so you can check out this beautiful park.

Meat Version (14 inch Dutch Oven)
* 2 pounds browned sausage 
* 1 pound bacon browned and broken into bits 
* 1 pound shredded cheese
* 18 eggs 
* 1 loaf white bread 
* 1 stick butter
* Salt and Pepper to taste

Start by ripping bread into small chunks and throwing in oven 
Crack eggs and mix together in separate container, pour over bread. Cut butter into small chunks and place over bread and egg. Spread on the browned sausage then the cheese.  Over the cheese sprinkle the bacon bits cover and cook low heat about 175° for 1:45 min or until eggs rise and cook.
Meatless or Veggie Version (12 inch Dutch Oven)
* 2 bell peppers 
* 1 onion 
* mushrooms as desired 
* potatoes ( I use one 15oz can with potatoes cut in 1/4 pieces)
* 18 eggs
* 1 loaf wheat bread
* 1 lb bag shredded cheese 
* 1 stick butter  
* Salt and Pepper to taste
Follow the same recipe

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