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Jacob Vollrath  begins by forging farm implements, steam engines, cast iron ranges and cooking utensils in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The company was started in 1874.

Their production facilities where used to produce military and rail products as well during multiple wars.  Producing over 12 million canteens during World War II.

Vollrath also produced a Polio-Pak heater during the Polio epidemic.  The Vollrath Company was one of the first in America to start using computer technology.  

Terry J Kohler the great-great grandson of Jacob Vollrath was associated with the company as President, Chairman, and CEO until Vollrath reorganized in 1989.  In 1989 the Windway Capital Company was formed, of which Vollrath LLC is a subsidiary.  Terry J Kohler, is president of Windway Capital Corp.

Do a search on Vollrath for some fascinating reading about their history.

Handle Design of a Vollrath     circa. Unknown

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