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RECIPE: PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM - Creamed Artichoke Stuffed

Portobello Mushroom - Artichoke Stuffed

I must tell you I am by no means a fan of Artichokes.  But I do like to experiment with all kinds of food.  When a combination comes together I like, well....I just have to share it.  I must admit Artichokes this way are extremely delicious!


This recipe makes enough for two,  if one of these is to be the main course.  Perhaps served with a Caesar Salad, and a few crackers to spread some of the Artichoke stuffing on.  Oh, and be sure to chill that favorite bottle of wine.


For the cream sauce we used some of our homemade non-fat buttermilk for the "acidity" and some sweetness.  Then combine one of the the basic cookings, holy trinity, (Celery, Onion, & Garlic) to ratchet up the "sweetness" and flavor, another notch.  This combination just pops with flavor.   The stuffing could be made all alone and used for other types of appetizers.  Dipping breads, crackers, or chips.


This dish could easily be made in the kitchen oven, on the BBQ grill, or in your Dutch Oven.


 Multiple as necessary (This serves 2 as a Main Course)


2  Portobello Mushroom caps -Good Sized ones (de-stemmed and cleaned) We get ours at Sam's or Costco


2    Tbsp Olive Oil

2    Stalks of fresh celery finely chopped

1/2 Medium Sweet Onion finely chopped

1    Large Clove of fresh Garlic finely minced

1    14oz can of Artichoke Hearts Drained and chopped to about 1/4 inch  

2    Tbls Butter

1    Tbls Flour

1    Cup Non Fat Buttermilk  (Plus some regular milk)

1/2  tsp Sea Salt

1/4  tsp Ground Black Pepper

1/3  Cup Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese  


Start Sauteing the Celery in the Olive Oil on low heat.  Once the celery begins to become tender and translucent add the Garlic and Onions and continue to Saute until all three are tender. (do not burn or harden the garlic).  Add the Chopped Artichoke and fold the ingredients together on low heat for a few minutes to heat the Artichoke completely.  Turn off the heat.


In a small sauce pan melt the Butter on low heat.  Add the flour and quickly whisk.  Increase the heat slightly and continue whisking until the Butter Flour begins to bubble and is smooth looking.  Add the Buttermilk slowly and continue to whisk.  Add the Salt and most of the pepper.  (Reserve just a little pepper for the final topping).  Cook on low heat (don't bring to a boil) until thick.  If the white sauce is too thick (you want a thick to very thick gravy consistency), add a little regular milk to thin.  Do this in small amounts bringing the mixture back up to temperature while whisking.


Once the white sauce is ready pour it over the Artichoke mixture in the saute pan.  Mix to combine the Artichoke mixture with the White Sauce.


You need your Oven, Covered BBQ, or Dutch Oven at 375°F.  Have it foil or parchment paper lined, and coated with a little olive oil or spray cooking oil.  On the coated foil/paper liner place the Mushrooms fin sides up.  Spoon half the Artichoke-White Sauce mixture over the two Mushroom caps.  Heap up if need be.  Oven Bake on the middle rack, BBQ covered with its lid, Dutch Oven with lid and mostly top coals for 375°F.  Bake for 18 minutes.


At 15-18 minutes divide the Parmesan Cheese and sprinkle half on each stuffed mushroom.  Sprinkle the reserved Ground Black Pepper on top of the cheese.  Return to the covered heat and bake 4 minutes longer.


Serve hot with a few crackers to scoop up the Artichoke stuffing that is spilling over the edges of the mushroom while baking.


One of these and a salad, served with a chilled glass of wine, makes for a wonderful meatless meal. 




Rick Beach has been cooking for over 45 years.  "If you want to add the years Mom used sifting and measuring cornmeal as a baby sitter, while she herself was baking...then its even longer"!  Equally at home using the conveniences of a modern day kitchen, or outside cooking over coals from a campfire.  An accomplished Dutch Oven cook as well as cooking and setting up for 100+ person events.  While many recipes might be handed down family favorites, others are new personal recipes that have been created over the years.  You might find Rick cooking anywhere in the western area of the USA. Loves the Outdoors, Traveling, Camping, and Cooking.  They make for a great combination.

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