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This is general info found on the internet from various source that seem to support each other in the following info.  We would appreciate more specific history and copies of supporting documents.

General Steel Wares was formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1927.

GSW dates back to 1847 when it made stoves as McClary Manufacturing Co.  GSW stands for  General Steel Wares.

In October of 1927 the following companies formed a confederation.   McClary's (established 1847), Thomas Davidson Company, Montreal (1858), Sheet Metal Products Company, E.T.Wright and Sons of Hamilton, A. Augry et Fils of Montreal, and Happy Thought Foundry of Brantford, to become General Steel Wares (GSW) of Canada.

In 1958 GSW acquired Easy Washing Machine Company. In 1961 controlling interest of Beatty Brothers of Fergus, Ontario (established 1874).

May 2002 Canadian GSW buys American Water Heater Co. from Southcorp LTD, an Australian winemaker.

In May 2006 A U.S. Company, A.O Smith Corp acquired GSW.  In 2005 GSW had sales of about $520 million (U.S.).  A.O. Smith acquired GSW for about $340 million in cash.

Anyone with a photo of a GSW piece of cookware please send them to us to be included on this article.  Even if it is one or your Grandmothers favorite pieces of cookware.  We will credit any photos provided, to you.   We would also like more history on this company, especially concerning the manufacturing of Cast Iron Cookware.

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