Monday, January 27, 2014


For uses with the KY series Microquiet 4KW Generators (Perhaps others as well)
Remote Switch (Prime-Start-Stop) and digital hour meter # 028-00022
25 foot Wiring Harness # 044-00026 (Spade tip terminals for panel end-Onan connector at Generator end)

We found this harness included the factory wired plug, as shown in the image, on one end.  The other end of the harness has factory connected to individual "female spade terminals" on the other end of each of the colored wires.  The "spade terminals" are pushed on to the back of the panel, on to the male protruding metal tabs using the wiring diagram shown.  We then plugged the multi-pin connector to the Generator factory wired remote plug.  We test started and stopped the generator with the new switch before proceeding.

3/4 inch PVC Conduit was run from the Generator to the interior of our RV/Trailer to the point we would mount the panel.  We pulled the wire through the conduit and made the connections at both ends.  Mounted the panel and we were then complete with the project.

The conduit installation was the most difficult and time consuming part of this installation.  Hooking up the harness to the panel and generator was a simple task in our configuration.


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  2. Can you provide a diagram of where each wire goes to on the generator

    1. The wire harness came with a connector attached that just plugs into the Onan. I didn't have to wire the generator end. Just snapped the connector in. So I can't help on that end.

    2. I've got a portable gen that I use for other things as well. If I could get my hands on a diagram. I could wire a plug to the existing plug. Thanks though for reply.


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