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We need your Outdoor related Photos with associated short articles, Events, News, Recipes and Humor.

We reserve the right to publish or not. Also the right to alter the material to be presented as we see fit. Those published in this blog will be tagged with a credit to the Author/Photographer. All media submitted must be legally yours to post.   Do not submit any copy-right © material, unless it is yours and so noted. Any submission should be accompanied by the following statement.  To make it easy just copy what is directly below in bold text.

"I certify I am the rightful & legal owner of this submitted media whether it is copyright or not.  I further give full rights to publish, distribute, and use this material, in any media, in any form including alteration, with no compensation intended or promised".

Be sure to include your full name and advise us how you want your "Author info" noted. This is in case you just want only a first name used. Or some other format.  Some people want their first and last name, City and State, as well as their email address or website.  We will accommodate whatever you prefer.

Concerning images of people.  We prefer shots depicting people so that no one is recognizable.  If the image is of you alone, that is acceptable, as long as you state that, and further state we can use that image.  Otherwise multiple people shots require legal written releases from each person that is recognizable.  That is difficult to accomplish through emailing.  If it is a distant shot, we may be able to smudge the face in Photoshop.  If we can do that, we may be able to use such a photo.

There is no compensation of any kind from us associated with any of your submissions, or our in turn publications in Blogs, Websites, or other printed material.  We try not to include articles containing full names of individuals other than yourself.  Please edit that out before sending. We attempt to edit text to show only their first name.  Otherwise this gets into a whole different realm of legal issues and "Photo/Media Release" info. If you have such a subject or photo as some special article or event, contact us directly for more information.  With full releases we can publish anything subject related.

Any submission of material is automatically considered you have read and agree to these terms and rules, whether you state so in writing or not.  Further, by submitting media to us you are legally stating you have legal right and ownership to provide us the material.  You agree we have full rights without any limitations to publish, reproduce, alter, create into other and all forms of media, and alteration, now and in the future, and no compensation is intended or promised whatsoever.  Your email, text, or other form of electronic communication passing us media  is considered electronic proof of your agreement to these terms and rules, and is considered your legal signature.

Thank You!

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