About our Blog, and benefits of a Blogger's  association with your Social Media

We often post links on other social media sites that are either affiliated with us, or they themselves are sharing info with us by in turn posting their info on our social media sites.

Some people seem to go out of their way to bad mouth Blogs.  Posting lots of dis-information that they are either misinformed about, or are perhaps just making up negative banter to support some type of personal agenda?  We hope it is simply the fact they are misinformed on blog structure and operation.  That there is nothing cynical in their nature.

Our Blog never costs a reader/viewer, or link follower, any charges or fee's to click on anything including sponsored ads.  Naturally if someone clicks on an ad, and further gets into something they wish to purchase, that is totally their business. But that has nothing to do with this Blog nor clicking anything to view.

If you operate a social media group that bloggers post related links on, welcome those Blog links with open arms.  If someone is trying to convince you to block or ban them....you need to read through this somewhat lengthy information that follows.  Bloggers may be your greatest "free" way to have people working for you, promoting your subject, and growing your audience or membership.

Some viewers have asked why we post a link to a blog?  Some think our sole purpose is trying to get clicks that generate income from traffic to our Blog?

Blogs are mostly about ease of creating attractive posts by combining multiple media materials.  Things you can't do in Facebook, Twitter, etc with special fonts, arranged photos, etc.

Blogs also do not cost a person that follows a link any $ per click as some people misleadingly state.

Blogs do not collect personal data from your computer as some have also indicated.

Clicks to Ads within the Blog do generate money, but not from the reader.  That revenue is shared from Google in our case.  It comes from advertisers paying Google to place their ads.  A Bloggers percentage is laughably small considering the hours they spend to produce postings.

The trade off with the Ad placements by Google is they provide the Blogger with Free software, and Free server space to store all the Bloggers web pages.  Again this cost viewers nothing to view the Blog articles.


In a nutshell, our Blog does not generate any money per clicks whatsoever if a reader just comes over to read our articles.   A person following a link to a TOPONAUTIC Blog article is never charged anything, nor does it creates any income for TOPONAUTIC.  No personal information is collected from the viewer for our use either. So those people stirring up the masses indicating a Blog generates income this way or gathers personal information.... well we are sorry for that thinking, but that is incorrect information. At least in our case, and many like us.

Mis-informed pot stirrers are confusing clicking on an AD, with clicking over to read a Blog article.

Companies like Google offer Bloggers free software and free server space to run their Blogs.  In Google's case it is BLOGSPOT.com   Google retains our Blog content on their servers.  Of course most things are not truly free.  Those (such as Google) supplying free blogger software, and free server space, have access to all of these blogs, to post their ads.  Those ads (if clicked upon) generate the majority of all revenue to them.  And only if a viewer does in fact click an ad.  That is how Google is able to provide us the software and server space.....and all the maintenance of all that technology as well.  All for free.  A similar format that Facebook and other social media sites use.

As a comparison.  If you are a member of some Facebook group, page, or even your own Facebook Wall.  Facebook provides all that software and server space free to the creator of that Facebook page (you) or a group.  It takes considerable capital to provide server space to store your content such as posts, photos, etc.  It is all free to you, at Facebook's expense.  For that free service Facebook is able to posts ads off to the right.  If you click those ads, that is your business, and your prerogative to do so or not.   Facebook gets the income generated by those clicks to ads...not the Facebook user that created the page and content you see, read, and share.  A Blog works pretty much the same way.  Exactly the same way for the non-ad, general articles and images found there in or on a Blog. So clicking on a general article from a link to a Blog (not an ad) costs you nothing to click, and generates no money per click for the Blogger.  At least not those blogging with Google's Blogspot.com.

The TOPONAUTIC.com whom we are a part of (Website not to be confused with our TOPONAUTIC.Blogspot) does not use just any old third party provider either.  All ads on the TOPONAUTIC.com website  are either self generated (our webmasters build them) or they are exclusively generated by Google.  While no link you click and follow can ever be 100% safe, we feel Google offers ads that are as safe as possible.  Clicking on an ad, or not, is an option you as a reader or viewer has full control over.  If you do visit sponsored ads we do appreciate that.  Without that support we generate no revenue for our expenses.  Again, clicking an ad also never costs you as a viewer a cent.  Advertisers pay those fee's to Google.  Google in turn shares a small fraction of that with the Blooger or Hosting Website.  But again that only happens if the user ever clicks over into an ad.  "Ads" and "Articles you read" are two different things.

The TOPONAUTIC.com  (Website) also does not use a cut rate provider for our website server space.  We use a well known and respected provider, GoDaddy.  Godaddy provides our Domain name as well as our Secure Server Space for website purposes.  We have been with GoDaddy since 2009 and have high confidence in their security and service.  Unlike some other companies we used prior, Godaddy is available 24/7 and totally reliable.  Of course all of this is an expense to TOPONAUTIC.  None of this expense is passed on to a user, or reader, visiting our Blog articles or Website pages.

Our Blog as well as many other similar Blogs, have a complex format that allows us to basically create a single web page related to a specific topic.  We combine text, and multiple images that we can import from a variety of other software or applications.  All of the time, work, and effort, is born by the Blog owner to provide a reader with "FREE" view-able content.  In turn the Blogger can post a link as a single page of data for viewers to see via a computer or mobile device.  These links can be in turn posted this way on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  Sent to various places without redoing all the work to post on different sites.  This avoids also having to spend more time and expense to manipulate the content further.  This method further reduces data usage costs for the viewer that is going through a social media site.  It presents the information on one download page.  Most Blogs also have an Auto posting feature to perform this social media posting function automatically to multiple places.

Most Blogs have adopted this multimedia combining format for posting on social media.  The same as posting a link from Youtube, Pinterest, and many more.  The purpose is to create a single web page so that it saves a viewer using a mobile device, or metered data, from using up excess data.  Since data usage can cost a user more fee's as usage accumulates, Blog links are preferred.  It also normally provides a summary and image to the viewer on social media sites to help make a decision to follow the link or not.  The link leads to a posting with one page to pull up...not text on one page, and photos or files on other pages.  A single download rather than multiple images/photos and text posted as additional pages.  Many people posting to social media without a Blog link are causing more data usage than a blog link.  Remember the Blog link gives the viewer the opportunity to either follow over via the link, or allows passing on viewing the subject all together.

Bloggers spend considerable time, expense, and personal or employee training to bring FREE content to viewers.  The money generated per clicks some refer to, happens only if a viewer clicks to a Blog, then further clicks on an ad posted by Google or some other advertising source.  At best the Blogger receives a small percentage of what Google is charging their contracted advertising customer.  As we mentioned earlier, this only happens if an ad is clicked and viewed.  In addition the viewer who does click over into an ad is not charged in any way.  They may use up some of their data but most of these ads are designed as a small data file to download in an instant using a negligible amount of data.  If a viewer is concerned about data usage just don't get tied up clicking ads. If the viewer is clicking the ads they must find them interesting?  What can we say?  But again they aren't costing the viewer anything per click. 

It is every Bloggers hope that some amount of ads are attractive to viewers.  It is what can help offset the cost of producing FREE content to viewers.  They go hand in hand.  Without one you won't have the other.  Given some statistics on a sample site that gets  5000 total Blog views a month, that Blog is making pennies per click from Google on an actual ad ....that Blog with 5000 monthly view will generate a whopping whole $7 a month. sarcastic sigh (yes seven dollars monthly total folks).  That equates to about 3 actual ad clicks per 500 Blog page views.  For the most part viewers don't further click on the ads. Bloggers wish you would.  The results would be more resources to provide even better free content to readers.

In summary, a Blog link gives the social media site viewer, the option of looking or not looking at the material presented.  Their option to click on it, or not. Their option to use their data, or not. No charge per clicks to the viewer that pulls up an article link.  No charge per click on an ad for that matter.

So be informed about the benefits of a Blogger supplying Free content to you or your social media site to read and enjoy.  As a Blogger, it is easy to spend 20 hours or more a week trying to produce something interesting.   All for perhaps $2 income per week, none of which comes out of the viewers pocket.  Many Bloggers obviously Blog out of love of the subject.... not for the income it is producing.

Bloggers are a benefit to any social media site you are attempting to grow or keep your members interest going.  Some uninformed on the benefits frown on Blog posts, try to discourage or even ban them.  While others in the know welcome them with open arms to increase their viewers interest, "Likes", and traffic flow.  The Blogger does an enormous amount of work for your social media group, and at no cost or effort on your part.  Get 2 or three active Bloggers and it is like employing a single full time web programmer to provide material for your audience.  This is all benefiting you, for free. Social media groups that don't have new interesting material constantly posted to read, eventually loose their good members and become stagnate.

Neither our Google Blogspot service, nor our GoDaddy server services, gather any type of personal information from any viewer, that is passed to on to the Blogger other than article view counts.  The Blog articles simply get a count of views per articles.  That provides statistics on the interest level of a posting.

Nothing like your IP address, name, etc is provided to the Blogger.  The NSA might get this, but the Bloggers do not.  Sorry...couldn't pass up the joke in all of that!

A Blog link, verses directly  posting all the same information on social media sites, provides the Blogger with statistics on articles they post.  That is in the form of a count.  A viewer pulls up an article and the count for that article increases by +1.  Nothing more.  Nothing sinister as some suggest.  Not at the Blog level.  Most Bloggers constantly evaluate that count data and adjust their content to match up with what is ranking high in views.  A blogger isn't going to continue to create and post articles no one is viewing.  In effect eliminating subject matter that is not popular to the general reader base of a social media site.  Most social media sites are filled with content that the majority of the members are not even interested in.  Social media sites that provide common interest articles to members, tend to grow.  The membership eventually becomes more focused on that common interest if the media remains interesting.  Members begin leaving if no new content is posted.  Those other members that aren't sure what they are doing on the site in the first place, or are non contributors, or perhaps don't find the information interesting, eventually drop off. 

None of the social media sites currently provide this kind of data for those producing Free Content being posted via Bloggers.  We believe blogging links posted on Social Media will grow unless changes are incorporated to allow this to happen directly within the social media sites.  Blogs allow use to combine various formats of multi-media onto a single post.  As of yet none of the social media sites allow such directly constructed posts. Social media also does not  provide a method to allow the content to be distributed uniformly over unrelated sites in a single broadcast.  We don't feel that may ever come about since none of the sites are created in a uniform manner or use the same protocol for posting information.

We hope this has answered some of the questions as to why Blogs exist, especially ours  Also how they are structured, and why you see posts on social media using Blog link format.  Please be informed on how they can help your social media site grow and grow members interest.

Also how they help you as users or viewers.  Allowing you to choose to view something or not.  If you decide to view by clicking a blog link you will effectively reduce your data usage by receiving your information in a more compacted file, rather than perhaps needing to venture through multiple pages, files, or images many individuals post on social media sites.

If you are considering getting into Blogging or want more info feel free to contact us directly. 

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