Apple Turnovers Minnie Size
Bacon Bomb (Submitted by Bruce Tracy) 
Bagels with Apple Pie Filling
BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe Rick Beach
Beans - Baked Beans (Party Size)  Rick Beach personal recipe
Biscuits - All-Purpose Biscuit Mix Homemade
Biscuits - Old Fashion Buttermilk
Biscuits "Pumpkin" 
Biscuits "Southern Buttermilk" (Submitted by Cecil Nye)
Biscuits "Sweat Potato" 
Bread "Artisan Almond Flour Beer Bread (Yeast method - mix a day ahead) - Rick Beach
Bread "Artisan Flax Seed Beer Bread (Yeast method - mix a day ahead) - Rick Beach
Bread "Artisan Green Chili Beer Bread" Yeast method - mix a day ahead - Rick Beach
Bread "Fire Roasted Tomato Herb Bread - Rick Beach
Bread Italian Submitted by Rick Beach
Bread Making 101 Tips and things you should know 
Bread - Rolls with Artichoke Spinach Dip Bake Submitted by Rick Beach
Bread Wheat - Agave sweetener 
Bread White Agave Coconut - Tastes like Old Fashioned White Bread
Burrito Casserole baked in a Dutch Oven 
Buttermilk - Homemade and a substitute
Butter Pecan Dessert with a Cayenne Twist 
Cake - Apple Pie Filling Dump Cake - Dutch Oven
Cake - Cherry Bundt Cake done in a Dutch Oven  Recipe Rick Beach
Cake - Cheese Cake - No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake Submitted by Rick Beach
Cake - Chocolate Zucchini Submitted by Troy Hanson
Cake - Orange Vintage - Submitted by Kathleen LeBlanc
Cake - Pineapple Upside Down Submitted by Rick Beach
Cake - Scratch Cake Vanilla
California Rolls
Chicken and Dumpling Stew
Chili Relleno Submitted by Denise Horn Zavat
Chili - Turkey Carrot 
Cinnamon Rolls from scratch  Submitted by Rick Beach 
Cobbler - Blueberry Cobbler Gluten Free
Cobbler - Cherry Cobbler in a Dutch Oven 
Cobbler - Fort Hall Wild Apple - Submitted by Nancy Lane
Cookies - Christmas  Several all time favorites for making up gift boxes 
Corn Bread - Old Fashion Buttermilk
Corn Dog Mini Muffins - Not just for kids 
Cornish Game Hens - Dutch Oven Recipe - Submitted by Roger Evartt
Crescent Chicken Cheese Roll (with VIDEO)
Crescent Roll Dough Homemade 
Chicken Rolls made with crescent roll dough
Dip - Artichoke Spinach Dip Submitted by Rick Beach
Dump Cake - Basic Recipe
Dutch Oven Breakfast 
Eggplant Roasted with Parmesan Cheese - Submitted by Richard Hawbaker
Eggs: Creamed eggs over toast (Our "secret Family Recipe) 
Egg Rolls -Monterey Chicken Wraps Submitted by Rick Beach
Enchilada Seafood Enchilada's 
English Muffins
German Sweet Chocolate Cake 
Icing/Glaze (Ganache) For Cakes, Donuts, & Cookies 
Lasagna Turkey Zucchini (No Traditional noodles)  Submitted by Rick Beach
Octo-Pie or Octopus Pie?
Olive Spread Appetizer (Tapenade)
Onion Bombs "These will blow you away!" (Submitted by Rob Kallam)
Meat Loaf - Mini Bundt Cake Meatloaf with Garlic Mashed Potatoes 
Mexican Lasagna Chicken  (Submitted by Rob Kallam - "I have been looking for this flavor for 10 years)
Muffins Banana Oatmeal Blueberry Submitted by Rick Beach
Muffins Chocolate Chocolate-Chip
Muffins Pumpkin  Low Glycemic - No Cholesterol (By Rick Beach)
Mushrooms - Portobello stuffed with Artichoke (By Rick Beach)
Paradise Bread "Hawaiian Rolls" (Submitted by Karen Fulbright)
Pie Crust - Old Fashion Flaky Pie Crust
Pizza Breakfast single size with egg - Baked in 6 inch Cast Iron Skillets
Pizza with spaghetti squash crust
Pizza Tortilla Low Carb Whole Wheat Crust  Great way to cut calories, sugar, and carbs
Pizza Chicago Deep Dish - Baked in a Cast Iron Skillet (Submitted by Paul Pizzano) 
Pizza Re-Heating with Cast Iron for a crispy crust
Pork BBQ Pulled Pork
Potato Soup (Beyond the basic)
Pumpkin Pie Agave Sweetener Dutch Oven Baked
Quiche with Hash Brown Crust - Dutch Oven Style 
Rolls - Onion Dill
Rotisserie Chicken Soup
Salmon Grilled on a Cedar Plank
Salmon Sun Dried Tomato Basil Topping
Sauerkraut Balls Appetizer (Submitted by Rick Beach)
SAUSAGE - Homemade Maple & Apple 
Scalloped Potatoes & Ham (Submitted by Bobby Cason)
Scalloped Potatoes & Ham (Tweaked version by Rick Beach)
Soup - Egg Drop Chicken (Submitted by Rick Beach)
Spoon Bread 
Stew - Chicken and Dumpling Stew
Stew - Wagon Master Dutch Oven Stew
Taco Pie with Tater Tots (Submitted by Kathleen LeBlanc) 
Turkey Pot Pie (Submitted by Patrick Kelly) 
Turtle Burgers = Too much fun! (Submitted by Rob Kallam)
Zucchini Cobbler (Submitted by Kathleen LeBlanc)

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