Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quiche with Hash Brown Crust (Dutch Oven style)

Submitted: By Rick Beach  (We need a photo of this.  Send us yours!)

Dutch Oven Quiche with Hash Brown Crust

A basic recipe that you can experiment with based on your tastes and ingredients on hand. You can make a large Quiche, or small individual ones.

12 to 14 inch Dutch Oven or Cast Iron Skillet if make a single in the kitchen oven
Optional Individual small cast iron skillets placed in a large Dutch Oven or Kitchen Oven
Pie Pans can also be used.  Brown the Hash browns first in a similar sized skillet to make crust.

3 Cups) Frozen or Fresh Raw Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes
Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Salt, Or To Taste
1 teaspoon Paprika
1 teaspoon Black Pepper, Or To Taste

1 teaspoon Olive Oil For Sautéing
½ Cup Bell Pepper, Chopped
½ Cup Portobello Mushrooms, Chopped
¾ Cup Onion, Chopped
Optional: Hot sauce, Chili peppers, Cilantro, Garlic, Bacon, Sausage, Spinach, Browned Hamburg, Ham, etc  
3 whole Eggs
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 Tablespoons Milk
¼ Cup Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive oil or ( ½ Cup Fresh Ripe Roma’s Chopped)

      Preheat the Large Dutch Oven or Kitchen Oven to 325 F.

Squeeze shredded potatoes of all the water and pat them dry using a paper towel. In bowl combine potatoes, salt, paprika, & black pepper,
Heat up a skillet over medium heat. Add oil and coat the skillet evenly. Dump the potatoes into the skillet(s) and pat them down firmly, and up the sides slightly, with your hands. Lower the heat to medium-low Let them cook for 12-15 minutes on lowest flame or until the bottom of the potatoes gets nice and golden brown. 

Meanwhile, saute, peppers, mushrooms and onions (cook each separately) in another pan over medium heat. Beat the eggs, salt, and milk in a small bowl then mix them in the sautéed vegetables and the chopped tomato.

Now pour the egg/veggie mixture over the cooked hash browns in the skillet(s) or Dutch Oven. Slip the skillet/Dutch Oven into the oven, or into a large Dutch Oven to bake for 50 minutes to an hour. After 50 minutes, check by inserting a knife at the center of the eggs.  If the knife comes out clean, remove it from the oven; otherwise let it cook for a few minutes more.

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