Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Are your ears BUZZING?

Cicada July 31, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada
Lately have you been hearing buzzing and clicking?  To the point it might drive you crazy?  Or is it music to your ears?  A sign summer is in full swing.

Cicadas buzz and click.  So many so, in fact, there seems to be a constant hum this time of year.

When young Cicadas hatch from their eggs as nymphs, they dig themselves into the ground to live off the juices of plant roots.  They spend their early stages in the ground before surfacing as adults.  There are varying lengths of this cycle but most take years.

There are several thousand species of Cicada worldwide.  The male has the loud noise makers.  Maybe not surprisingly each species has it's own distinct "song".  They can produce sound up to 120db.  This is among the loudest of all insect produced sounds.

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