Friday, August 30, 2013

GRISWOLD 9 inch square smooth bottom Cast Iron Skillet

This Griswold 9 inch smooth bottom skillet was recently purchases at a garage sale for $3.00.  Like most other cast iron collectors I couldn't pass it up.  Though if you saw the stack in my garage some people might ask why?  I guess it is a sickness some of us share :-)

There are no cast numbers or any other identification other the the Griswold logo cast into the center of the bottom.

My question is, who knows the history of this skillet?  Are there any expert people in the know that can provide a brief history of year this was made, were they were mass produced and easily found, what it might currently be worth (though this is for my personal collection and not for sale), where it was cast, etc?

You can either post here on the blog or email your info to

Thank You!  We are looking forward to all the interesting info.

This link was provided in a response.  It provides a wealth of information as well as images to help identify your cast iron piece. 

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  1. One response from Linda Renk: Found the exact pan in my Griswold and Wagner book by Smith and Wafford. It says: Square skillets size No 55 9 1/2 inch square and no. 57 which is 11 1/2 by 11 1/4 inch. Small logo circa 1960 value $40 (no.55) and $50 (no.57)

  2. Response from Steve Stephens: Made in the Wagner foundry c.1960s I think and probably from an older Wagner square skillet pattern that was modified to have a new style handle and the Griswold TM on the bottom


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