Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cast Iron Collector Corner: Cast Iron “Gem” Pan

Trying to ID this pan 

Manufacturer, history, era, worth, etc.

This is a “Gem” pan.  Smooth surfaced, more smooth than a modern day Lodge type cast iron.  The approximate dimensions of the pan are about 8 inches X 14 ½ inches which includes the two curved handle tabs.  The 8 oval depressions are about 2 ½ X 4 inches each.  There are no visible markings or numbers of any sort.  There are visible casting “gate” marks on underneath bottoms of several of the oval cups.  Each oval cup is ¾of an inch deep on the inside measure.

There is evidence of thick and scraped seasoning indicating it was used often.

We are very interested in people that still bake with these and hope many of you send us recipes we can test out in ours.  We will post some of the favorites in this article.

Remarks from readers providing what they believe to be history, era, etc, will be posted below in red font for others to learn and benefit from.  Also we need your recipes for use in this pan.  Comment on this blog or feel free to email to info@toponautic.com  Thanks so much in advance!

So far we have not dug up any documented evidence on age.  Some have submitted opinions it could be circa 1880, post Civil War?
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