Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cast Iron Collector Corner: IRON SKILLET 14

Trying to ID this skillet.  

Manufacturer, history, era, worth, etc.

Unmarked Wagner?

This is a cast iron skillet.  Smooth surfaced, more smooth than a modern day Lodge.  About half the weight of a 14 Lodge too.   The only identification is the 14 on the bottom at 12 o'clock from the handle.  It does have an unbroken heat ring around the outer perimeter of the bottom.

It cleaned up and seasoned real well and was put to use for the first time (in its life with us) making pizza.

Remarks from readers providing what they believe to be history, era, etc, will be posted below in red font for others to learn and benefit from.  Comment on this blog or feel free to email to  Thanks so much in advance!

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