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GRISWOLD CAST IRON What is it? Aebleskiver or Ebelskiver or Takoyaki?

Griswold Cast Iron Item Identification

This piece of Griswold cast iron was recently picked up at a local garage sale.  I assume it is an egg poacher?  But suppose it could be for making rolls or something I am not thinking of?  Hoping someone can identify this and provide more details?  The official name of this piece, is supposed to have a lid, when manufactured, where manufactured, current value, etc.

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After posting the initial Blog I have responses from different sources and have changed the Blog posting titles to reflect that info.  Also have added additional info in red font.  

A Danish Pastry with a spelling 2 different ways "Aebleskiver" and "Ebelskiver".  Made with fruit such as Strawberries or Applesauce.

I am also finding a Japanese snack called "Takoyaki".  Uses a similar pan and batter but instead of applesauce or strawberries they use minced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onion. Brushed with Takoyaki Sauce, which is similar to Worcestershire Sauce and Mayonnaise.  Then sprinkled with green laver and shavings of dried bonito.

It is very interesting how a similar pan was used by different cultures.  Baked with a similar batter, yet created two uniquely different foods.  Who influenced whom?  

On the internet I find one place that indicates Takoyaki was created by a street vendor, and credited with the invention in 1935.

Does anyone know how far back the Ebelskiver goes? 

 In addition to the Griswold manufacturer info and date, I am also trying to find out why there are 2 closely spelled names for this cast iron pan.  

I would also like some handed down family recipes from all cultures to try out on my own.  Thank You!  Please post responses in the comments box or email to

Some Responses gave us the following info on the photo posted in this Blog.
Griswold #962
Circa 1960 probably from the Wagner Foundry
They go way back in the Griswold history to the "ERIE" era.  Sometimes called Egg Poachers, Apple Cake Pan, and a Danish Cake Pan,

On the bottom is the around the outer edge is the name GRISWOLD.  Also on the bottom around the outer edge just inside the handle location is the number 962, directly above that number is the letter A.

On the bottom, on two of the convex shapes the furthest away from the handle is NO and 32

On the bottom, on three of the convex shapes arranged across the center, is MADE   IN   USA

On the underside of the handle where it attaches is the letter A, below that what looks like a small circle with a dot in it.  The circle about a 1/4 inch in diameter.  I assume this circle dot thing might be a remnant of a casting pour point that was not completely ground away?

There are no identifying marks on the top side of the cast iron.



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