Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sitting on the edge of the world

If you want to experience being on the edge of the world visit Bryce Canyon NP in Utah.

My latest blog entry comes from Bryce Canyon NP.  From the edge of Sunset Point to be more precise.  What a jaw dropping view.  On a clear day you can see for more than 100 miles.  From the rim trail the terrain quickly drops away.  It is easy to see the top of a 60 foot tree only a few feet out in front of you.  Careful footing is a must in many places.  

Through mother natures erosion, towering spires (Hoodoos) have been carved.  These are huge towers of rock.  Standing alone or in groups.  There are also Deep ruts, Crevices, and Arches  carved by water.  Today I sit on the rim edge enjoying the view as if it were the finest of paintings.  A light wind whispering through the tops of the gigantic Ponderosa pines that line the edge.  

The sounds of birds.  A couple busy squirrels scurrying about.  The sky behind me, and off across the valley to the east, is dark gray.  Rolling thunder can be heard, and is increasing.  A storm is soon to be upon me.  Lightning could put on a spectacular show from this commanding view.  I am looking  at two towering pine trees on either side of me...both dead.  Both trees show evidence of being hit by lightning some time ago.  I look around and notice I am on one of the highest points of ground around.  As the storm moves in, I think it prudent to seek a safer vantage point.

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