Sunday, July 21, 2013

Living off the land - Bryce Lodge Restaurant a must do

Since It was rained out on Bryce's rim trail, I thought I would get out of the rain, and find something to eat..."live off the land", so to speak. LOL!

I highly recommend the Bryce Lodge Restaurant.  Recommended to me.  The structure is quaint and dated.  I admired some of the workmanship of the buildings construction. Horizontal downward hinged ventilating windows above more permanent paned glass windows.  The glass looked old, with ripples and bubbles.  The hinges and chain hardware equally dated.  Not something you commonly see in modern construction.

I ordered a Chicken Caesar salad.  Served by someone calling Las Vegas home.  The salad was top notch, as was the service.  The restaurant is located in the Sunset Point area.  A short walk from the rim trail.

Looking out the windows as I enjoyed my meal, I smiled to myself.  I saw a couple squirrels running about.  Gathering pine seeds. They truly were living off the land!   I just think I am. 

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