Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dutch Oven Cook Table for a Weber Charcoal Grill

Article & Photos are courtesy of Ted Meland - Apache Junction, AZ
Article & Photos ©Ted Meland  Written permission required to reproduce.

This DIY DO table article, and all photos it contains are courtesy of Ted Meland - Apache Junction AZ

Here is another DIY project to create a Dutch Oven cooking surface at countertop height.  While this project was adapted to a round shaped charcoal grill, it could easily be adapted to a rectangular grill.

Here is what Ted has to say on this Project.

I was finding it more and more difficult getting up and down to do my DO cooking, with the pot on the ground. I looked at DO tables and they seem to run in the $125 range. I could do that, but thinking over the situation I realized I may had a different solution using some items I had on hand.

In my case I used an existing round Weber Kettle BBQ.  I think you could adapt this to any make and shape of BBQ.

Next I visited a local metal fabricating shop and they agreed to make a 21" round, 12 gauge sheet metal plate, with two handles.

I am able to place the plate right on the grates in the BBQ, add charcoal on the metal plate surface, and my DO. Voila!  I am now working at a much more comfortable level. Total cost: $35 and change for the metal plate and fabrication.. And don't forget the Weber top hangs on the kettle and could provide a little extra wind protection. Not much, but you shouldn't be DO cooking in a tornado anyway.

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