Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Sunset with the Las Vegas Canoe Club :  Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada, USA

We will place your ad in our side bar area.  We are an up and coming Blog and are willing to offer our space and graphic design services in return for ads that will draw interest to not only your material, but ours as well.  During our first 30 days on line as TOPONAUTIC.BLOGSPOT, we had over 6000 page views.  We are confident that number will continue to expand.  You can benefit for free, at our expense, as we market ourselves and grow this blog.

If you are in the Southwest area of the USA, invite us to your events.  We love outdoor events, car shows, Dutch Oven and Chuck Wagon cook-offs, BBQ's, Street Fairs, Art Shows, Wine Tastings, Riding old Steam Trains, Antiques and Swap Meets.  A member of the Las Vegas Dutch Oven Society, as well as supporting a large Facebook "Dutch Oven Cooking" group, we enjoy cooking and gathering recipes, as much as eating those creations.  We hope to publish a Cookbook in the future.  We have Backpacked part of  the Pacific Crest Trail, as well as to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Trekked by foot from Havasu Falls, to Feather Falls.  Worn the bottoms of our boots in Glacier NP, Yellowstone, NP, Zion NP and many other beautiful locations.  We are always out there trying to capture more photographic images, unique stories, and sharing the trail and these stories, with our fellow outdoor people.

We use and test out some of the latest gear, clothing, and outdoor cooking items.  You will find there is great interest in this area as well.  All of which drives the Outdoor type to seek out quality, affordability, and availability.  If you have an exceptional product, service, or fun event, all of us want to follow you!

Some select ads with exceptional content may be featured in our general area to appear as a Blog article and with that, receive additional targeted direct exposure to other social media sites we are connected with.  So if you are really creative this might benefit you further.

This service would easily cost you in excess of a $1.00 per click on other social media sites.  If you have explored those services you know exactly what this can end up costing.  We know because we have used such advertising ourselves.    

This is a limited time offer, and completely free of any cost to you.  People can click away and visit your material as many times as possible.

We do reserve all rights to publish,  or not publish, any submission without any notice or explanation.  We further reserve the right to remove any ad posting, at any time, without explanation.  We may alter any submission to fit our format, space, size, color, text, or for use in other media or subsequent publication. This offer may end at any time, and without notice.  All submissions, and final ad target weblinks/websites/social media, must be Outdoor related, on subjects related to our Blog, family oriented, all age appropriate, non discriminatory to anyone, etc.  If we receive reader complaints on businesses that do not provide exceptional products and customer service, such related ads will be removed without notice or explanation.  Free space is based on availability.  Paid ad space takes precedence over available free space.

Rules for submission
*Photos and material must be non copy right, or you must have total ownership and submit a legal release to us for its unrestricted use.
*All material, written, images, or reproductions must be listed and a statement stating that you are giving permission to, TOPONAUTIC.BLOGSPOT a.k.a Rick Beach, the right to reproduce, alter, and publish your material in any form.   You must provide your full name, email address, and contact telephone number including area code.
*Send us high quality images with no text, in .JPG format.  Do not reduce quality or size. Clear close ups work best.  Also use images that contrasting text will show up on.  Your text needs to be in a separate file in .DOC format.  You can send us an over all ad with image and text mixed you would like to see. But we also need individual Image JPG and Word DOC files to work with.  This allows us to format to our site.
*Send us text you wish to use (Keep it simple) Remember these are around 2 inch by 2 inch ads
*If you send a really catchy ad hoping it will appear as an article you can send larger text info or a pre-made ad in JPG format.  We still suggest you also sent the JPG image, text free as a 2nd file.  And send the text in DOC format in a 3rd file.  That gives us options in case we need to edit something.
*Provide your hyperlink (Website address) to your website, Facebook page, etc (We will imbed this into your image.  When your image is clicked on our ad spot, the user will be directed to your page.
*Requirements may be adjusted or altered at any time.

Contact us for further information or Email your ad info, images, text, and instructions to  info@toponautic.com

We will respond back so you know we received your material.  So if you do not hear from us that your material was received, please re-contact us. We normally respond within 5 business days.   We do not advise as to when, or if, free ads will be placed. Those paying for space take precedence over free ad space availability.  So get in soon while more space is available to benefit you for free.

Your contact info is not given out, sold, or in anyway made available to anyone not associated with TOPONAUTIC.   You can opt out at any time and ask us to remove your personal contact information at anytime.  Send that request to our email address at     info@toponautic.com

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