Sunday, October 27, 2013


Birmingham Stove and Range Company (BSR)


BSR Chicken Fryer lid

BSR Chicken Fryer Lid Handle

BSR Chicken Fryer

BSR Chicken Fryer "MADE IN USA" circa post 1960 (Notice the angle ridge on under side of handle)

BRS Chicken Fryer

BSR Chicken Fryer with Lid ciras post 1960
BSR Frying pan (Unbroken Heat Ring on Bottom)

BSR Frying pan

BSR Frying Pan "MADE IN USA" circa Post 1960
BSR #3, 5, & 8 Skillets (Notice the angle ridge running the length of the bottom of the handle)
BSR angled handle the entire length             Image©Rick Beach

BSR  angled handle the entire length                        Image©Rick Beach

BSR Frying Pan  Angular ridge on underside of handle

Unmarked BSR (Notice Angular handle bottom) Circa 1960-1980

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