Saturday, October 26, 2013

Las Vegas Balloon Fest October 2013

From the friends of Las Vegas Metro Search and Rescue, be sure to come out and enjoy the Balloon Fest this weekend. (October 25-27, 2013)

The weather couldn't be better.  I enjoyed showing up before sunrise this morning.  One by one trucks and trailers started circling in the open area.  Huge tarps were laid out covering thousands of square feet.  I am sure they treat their balloons with love, and surely do not want to get them dirty or punctured.

There was hustle and bustle as darkness slowly gave way to the rising sun just over the horizon.  Fan blowers started the fill process as the balloons laid on their sides.  Test burns of the huge burners blasted flames high in the air.  Momentarily illuminating all the helpers scurrying around.

As the sun broke over the horizon the first balloon was ready to go.  It towered over the crowd.  With a few long blasts of the burners the balloon slowly began to rise.  It's enormous size deceiving.  Soon it was high in the sky and bathed in the bright sunlight it was catching at the higher altitude.

I really enjoyed walking around.  The pilots encouraged everyone to get up close and personal.  Those blasts from the burners, now filling the balloons to capacity, gave off so much heat.  Standing 50 feet away you could feel the warmth on your face.

Soon there were many brightly colored balloons drifting up and way.  Peaceful and quiet save for a burner blast here and there.

This event is going on this whole weekend.  If you are in the area, be sure to stop by.  Enjoy the balloons, the carnival, and the food!

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