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Cuisinart LP Grill : Model  CGG-200

Cuisinart Grill - Model CGG-200 (Folding base stand not shown)

After putting this grill to the test for several years we offer the following unbiased evaluation.


Depending on your shopping abilities you should be able to buy one of these in the $150 to $199 range.


We rate this high for portability and more than adequate as a grilling surface for 4 to 6 people.  This is our choice for RVers, weekend campers. tailgaters. and picnic goers .  While it might not be recommended or intended for use on a plastic surface, we have used this on top of folding plastic tables without damage to the tables. Metal picnic table tops, the folding metal grill base, or even cooking on the ground would avoid any danger of damage.  There are even folding tables on the market now with one side having metal mesh for camp stoves.  Seems these hybrid camping tables might be ideal for the grill, but we have not tried these tables out. (Readers that have, please send us photos and info).


Our unit was purchased with a folding/collapsible  base stand.  We have never used it.  We find this grill convenient to carry in our RV.  Just the grill section for use on folding tables or available picnic tables.  We place the grill on a large cookie sheet during storage to avoid grease drips damaging wood or carpeting.  We have used this grill with the small disposable screw on green 16 oz LP tanks. While it works great this way, connection to a 20lb is our preferred method.

Optional LP Hose for use with 20lb BBQ size tank

An optional hose can be purchased at most hardware, camping,  or sporting goods stores.  Make sure you get the correct extension hose with the proper connectors to attach to the grill and the larger LP tanks.  The LP Pressure regulator is built into the grill at the control valve.  You will not need the type of extension hose that has a regulator attached.  The common Coleman brand hoses work just fine.  Using a 20lb tank is much more economical and also prevents running out of LP during cooking.





This model of grill heats up faster than most cheaper portable grills.  Believe us when we say we have tried other table top versions.  The cheaper ones are difficult to generate enough heat to cook properly with, especially in any type of wind.  Also don't take any of this as meaning this grill is only for portable use.  It would also provide great service at home on the patio.  It is just smaller than a traditional patio grill, and the CGG-200 only has one burner.  That one burner is able to adjust to different cooking temperatures. 


The grilling surface is approximately 13X17 inches.  It has two swing out side table surfaces that lock into place.  One adjustable 12,000 BTU burner, Temperature gauge, ignition start, and a removable drip catcher.  The housing and swing out side tables are stainless steel. 


After several years of service we did start having trouble with the regulator.  While researching the issue we ran into a couple negative comments concerning Cuisinarts customer service.  We were pleasantly surprised to find we received excellent customer service once we made contact.  We were attempting to find out if there had been a recall on the regulator/valve assembly.  There had not been....but their customer service had a new part shipped to my front door in 5 days.  The part came at no charge and I was more than happy to swap out the parts.  It quickly fixed my problem and we hope to enjoy more years of use.


We rate the CGG-200 with the highest marks for the years of service we had without problems.  When you get great customer service standing behind the product......it just made us want to pass the word.


We did find out the proper place to go for customer service on this product is not directly to Cuisinart, but to: 

The Fulman Group

Cuisinart Grilling



There is a definite learning curve if you attempt to disassemble the ignitor and replace parts.  Especially if you remove the cover and the spring and parts all go flying!  Ask me how I know that.  LOL



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