Monday, July 29, 2013

UFO seen in Las Vegas? First Friday!

What does Las Vegas, and seeing a UFO have in common?  FIRST FRIDAY Las Vegas, Nevada 

If you are a "local" or visiting Las Vegas on any "First Friday" of any month.  Be sure to find your way to the Downtown Art District.  The fun filled community event starts gearing up in the evening around 5:30PM.  Open and free to the public.

Come early for easy parking. You can also take the shuttle or a cab.  Even a UFO if you can get one to pull over.  The general location is the cross streets of Charleston and Casino Center, or Charleston and Main St.  First Friday shuttle service runs from 4:30pm until 11:30pm.  There is free parking as well as parking lots charging a $5 fee.

UFO's really do exist!
A great place for the public, Artists, Vendors, Entertainers, and local businesses to mingle in a Street Fair environment.  Many local Art and Retail business stay open late for your browsing and shopping enjoyment.   The official website to register as a Artist, Vendor, Sponsor, or Entertainer is:
Contact: 702-384-0092 (Public Info Line)

The event continues to grow and evolve.  As many as 30,000 people move into this section of town to enjoy the activities.  You can find street art, to fine art.  Several long time food & drink establishments, to retro shops and antique shops.  What fun it is to browse through all the shops.   

We have attended at various times of year.  There has been a mini "Burning Man" performance, to vintage and antique cars lined up for viewing.  Street vendors selling popcorn, to fine wine.

We understand this First Friday (August 2013) there will be 2 giant side by side aquariums erected by the team from the TV show "Tanked"

So if you are interested in buying a deep fried twinkie, or a unique piece of art, be sure to come downtown and meander through the event.  Bring your camera.  People watching is free....and there will be no shortage of that!  We hope you catch a glimpse of the elusive UFO the hoovers around at times.  Have your camera ready, because it may be there, then gone!

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