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TRIP PLANNER 2015: Glacier National Park

TRIP PLANNER :2015     Glacier National Park - Montana

Key people had job changes or other schedule conflicts that prevent our normal group from making this trip, this year.  I am making the trip myself.  I will be doing this over the course of about 3 weeks with camping reservations in Glacier NP at their Fish Creek Campground.  My Glacier NP reserved camping dates start the night of July 13th.  I depart Glacier NP campground July 20th, 2015 to head back home.

My itinerary will include travel camping for about a week on both sides of those dates.  I have not locked those in with my reservations as of this date.  I have family in the Glacier NP area and hope to spend a couple days with them before entering Glacier NP to camp.  Anyone interested in caravaning with me anywhere along the way please contact me.  But know a couple of days you will be on your own once we are in the Glacier Park area.  Also if you wish to join me at the Park to camp, please make your reservations quickly.  Campsites were nearly all booked as of 3/19/15.  If you are able to be in Fish Creek Campground and enjoy hiking, sightseeing, or kayaking, we might be able to get together for that... and some evening campfire cooking.

I am looking at campground stops along the way from Las Vegas at the following locations: Utah Lake (Provo Utah), Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Clinton, Montana.  The first days drive for me will be about 375 miles.  After that, each day will be under 300 miles.

Glacier NP is Grizzly Bear country, so please do some research on how to be prepared, hike safely, etc.

As in the past all group members are basically on their own, and at their own expense.  Each individual or family must secure their own camping reservations at both the destination as well as along the way, travel arrangements, food, etc.  You are responsible for your own, and your family's safety.  We normally have a group leaving Las Vegas that caravans together.   We will be traveling up through Utah and Idaho and western Montana.  People in other area's are welcome to "catch up" to us along the way.  Or meet us at the final destination.

This group is open but is family orientated.  Kids and well controlled pets are welcome.  You will need to verify on your own any pet restrictions.  That would include any locations that end up getting selected for camping.  In almost all cases there are leash rules anymore.  Some parks do not allow pets on trails, or left alone in vehicles....so be sure to check in advance.

We require respect for each other, others around us, our surroundings, and nature.  Simple rules most everyone normally follows...but there are those that have no regard for others.  If you are an excessive drinker, drug user, wacky weed smoker, or have unruly kids or pets, have the need to carry and flash a weapon, please find another group.  We do not condone excessive noise, after hours loud talking/yelling, barking dogs, or loud partying. Further no foul language in front of young ones.  We absolutely do not want  any confrontations with Campers around us, Park Rangers, or RV Park Managers.  We follow all park rules including "Quiet Time" restrictions.  No weapons allowed.  Those not willing to follow these rules during the trip will be asked to leave the group regardless of what point in the trip we are at.  If such a person is riding with someone else and there is an issue, the other person(s) will also have to leave the group.  Any that agree to travel or camp with our group is agreeing to these rules.  Please pass this info to anyone you might invite.  Thanks from all of us in advance!

From Las Vegas we will allot multiple days to travel.  It is roughly 1100 miles from Las Vegas to Glacier.  Same on the return trip.  Lay over on the road nights will be scheduled at RV parks that have full hook ups for those that want them.  We also try to choose places that allow tent/car camping.  Other arrangements can be made but it will be your responsibility to meet back up with the group at the designated lay over point.  You will need to be ready to leave at the scheduled departure time each morning.  You are also welcome to meet us at Glacier and travel on your own schedule.  Caravan groups do offer more security and assistance should there be an emergency, plus the social aspect of sitting around an evening campfire or sharing meal time together is nice. Anyone having extra seats available please post or offer privately to others.  Make sure you are committed to going before extending the offer of a ride/seat to others.  Those riding with another driver please pay your portion of the gas based on vehicle headcount split equally...then tip the driver as well, since it is his/her vehicle wear and tear too.

Once at camp locations everyone is on their own to schedule events, or join in with anyone that wishes to lead a group hike, excursion, etc.  We hope there a a few willing people that will take on a leadership role for some events.  Meal times can be on your own, or group potluck.

More details to follow.  We are open to suggestions and more info.  Thanks!
Contact:  goyakpacking@yahoo.com

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