Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Valley of Fire Petroglyph's

Since moving to Las Vegas Nevada over 20 years ago, Valley Of Fire State Park has been one of my favorite places to explore.  As many times as I have been there it doesn't seem possible to find something new.  But its intriguing links to the past seem to often tantalize me by revealing yet another secret.

Years ago I felt fortunate to stumble into the location of this unique Petroglyph. Together with a hiking buddy/good friend of mine, we were exploring some off trail parts of Valley of Fire (1 Hour North of Las Vegas, Nevada). We were, and still are, intrigued by all the symbol's found in this area.

This particular one, blew us away. There are hundreds of more common symbols found in full view.   This is evident by the tons of people that visit the park, to hike trails that have easy access to views right along the trail.  As we found, there are also those tucked away in obscure and remote locations. We both keep the location of some of these to ourselves. You might guess the reasoning.

After visiting the area on other occasions we have witnessed the destruction uncaring vandals have dealt out.  Producing destruction in a matter of minutes. Spray painting over these symbols left behind by people that lived here or passed through hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. The meaning of the symbols lost with the people that once roamed here. Needless to say the potential of vandalism, is the reason we do not pass on the location of some of the rare ones we have found.  It is sad to realize our current society has those with such demented mentality, or such disrespect, that they can undo in minutes that which has endured perhaps centuries.

What kind of vision does this icon conjure up in your mind? Documented Aliens, the peoples shaman, or ancient graffiti? We called it "The Bat Woman" We talked about it for hours...and also wonder about the odd location in which it was found.  It also makes us wonder just how many more are tucked away and hidden.

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