Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yellowstone Bike Miles

I just put the finishing touches on adding a bike rack to my trailer ramp door. Headed out to camp and ride in Yellowstone NP.

This configuration is an adaption of Yakima roof tracks (Rails).  This worked out with some of my existing rack parts I use on the shell over the bed of my pick up truck.

This trailer door configuration allows me to easily mount and remove the bike.  No need to remove the front wheel.  The bike stays clean and out of the weather.  It is the perfect storage solution when not in use.  Perfect security solution too.

The tracks are mounted on the inside of the trailer ramp door.  Bike is secure, and stored vertically while transporting.  This gained lots of space inside, rather than mounting or strapping it horizontal to the internal floor as I started out doing.  While my setup only has room for one bike due to interior cabinet obstructions, this configuration could be modified to accommodate multiple bikes.  Pull the door down and be ready to roll in a matter of minutes.

If for some reason you need to use the ramp for something else, the the crossbars and towers easily come off in minutes.  I mounted my tracks/rails wide enough so I am able to wheel a hand dolly up and down the ramp without interference once the crossbars and towers are removed.  The tracks and landing pads remain without hindering ramp use.

Yakima Parts list for the shown image:
(2) 54 inch Yakima Tracks 
(4) Landing Pads #1
(4) Control Towers for use with landing pads
(2) 58 inch Crossbars
(1) Raptoraero Bike Mount

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