Sunday, October 27, 2013

CAST IRON COOKWARE IDENTIFICATION Link Menu (Vintage, Antique, No Name, Fakes, non-USA made)

Professional Collectors, Antique Dealers, Manufactures, and those that just love cooking in Cast Iron, please forward us your info and photos.  We need your special known identifiers to ID Cast Iron Cookware and associated pieces. Our goal is to create a image gallery by Brand name or Foundry to aid those collecting and attempting to identify their finds.  Follow the below links to those files

Cast Iron Cookware Chart of Size and Capacity
Identifying BENJAMIN-MEDWIN Cast Iron
Identifying BIRMINGHAM STOVE & RANGE ( BSR )  Cast Iron
Identifying BROCKVILLE (See James Smart Manufacturing Cast Iron)
Identifying GENERAL STEEL WARES  (GSW) of Canada
Identifying GRISWOLD Cast Iron 
Identifying JOHN C JOHNSON CO Cast Iron
Identifying LODGE Cast Iron
Identifying MARTIN STOVE & RANGE Cast Iron 
Identifying SULLIVAN & HERDMAN Zanesville Ohio
Identifying SMART'S (See James Smart Manufacturing Cast Iron) 
Identifying VOLLRATH Cast Iron 
Identifying WAGNER Cast Iron
"Aebleskiver - Ebelskiver or Takoyaki Pan" Griswold #962
"Chicken Fryer" Birmingham Stove and Range Co (BSR) 
"Dutch Oven" Martin Stove & Range Company
"Frying Pan" 9 inch Griswold
"Frying Pan" 11 1/2 Benjamin & Medwin
"Frying Pan 14 inch
"Gem" Pan

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